Red Dragon Kung Fu Academy

Kam La (Chin na)

Chin Na or Kam La in Cantonese is the Chinese art of capturing your opponent's joints, muscles or tendons. Grappling, locks and pins or anything that controls your opponents body fall into this category. Developed by Shaolin monks thousands of years ago Chin Na encompasses over 700 techniques and continues to grow with the addition of variations. Different Kung Fu schools specialize in different techniques, usually the techniques which are easily adapted into their style. Other Schools might have a heavier influence of Chin Na in their techniques such as Eagle Claw, which incorporates 108 different Chin Na techniques, or Hung Gar's tiger claws used for ripping flesh from bone. Certain schools might use Chin Na for a particular purpose, such as Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis which Specializes in Chin Na used to counter grappling techniques. Chinese Dim Mak or pressure point fighting also falls under the category of Chin Na, in that it prevents the proper chi flow in the body and restricts movement, this same concept is also relevant in preventing your opponent's breathing through closing the wind pipe or stunning the tissue surrounding the lungs. Chin Na shares its theory with Oriental Medical Techniques such as Acupuncture, Tui Na and Chi Gong. The Japanese seizing art Jujitsu holds its root in Chinese Chin Na and Schuai Chiao. Police and Military Professionals use Chin Na techniques to disable and control criminals around the world because of its proven effectiveness in subduing suspects as well as self defense on the battlefield.